<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/190128091911.jpg?t=1585902115"><br>160 Acres Knight Creek Road. Diverse 160 acres adjacent to Knight Creek. Enjoy the white cliffs, the heavily treed mesa, and the rolling hillsides giving the property a great different feeling depending on which corner you are on. Lots of variety on this parcel. 160 Acs Trees Easy Access Horses OK Kingman AZ! Stand on the property corner and look down into the trickling water in Knight Creek just off the property. The access isn't bad from either Silver Springs or Willow Creek Ranch. There are old ranch fences near both the south and west property lines, neither fence line is on the actual Property Line. High clearance vehicle is recommended, but not necessary. When it is dry the access is easy when it is wet 4x4 is recommended. This property could possibly be split into 3 parcels with each parcel having privacy from the other GREAT prospect for a family compound where each family wants it s privacy but wishes to have family close. This property is located between Kingman and Seligman just 6 miles south of I-40. This is in an area where water is plentiful and of good quality at reasonable drill depths, this is a highly sought after location. The property will be Solar as power lines are nowhere to be seen! The area is populated with folks who value their privacy and will absolutely stop you to ask who you are, why you are there and most likely photograph your license plate while they are at it. It is recommended you have a local known realtor with you while touring this property. 160 Acs Trees Easy Access Horses OK Kingman AZ! Two hours from nearly everywhere Lake Havasu City, Flagstaff, Las Vegas three hrs from Phoenix. This parcel is located easy access from everything. All the typical day to day shopping, medical or hardware is only 45 minutes away to Kingman! 160 Acs Trees Easy Access Horses OK Kingman AZ! <br>